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Established in 1998 in Spartanburg South Carolina, Bridgewater Candle Company quickly became a leader in the candle market with a reputation for its clean burning candles, full fragranced products and passionate sales team.

Bridgewater offers everyday hospitality through fun, friendly, comfort fragrances. From fresh and clean to warm and cozy, these scents create those special moments in life worth savoring.

Furthermore, we are committed to sharing this warmth and hospitality with the world because we believe that everyday matters to everyone.


Minga Fair Trade Imports was founded by Christopher Keefe in 1997 as The Christopher Connection. It began during his time living in Ecuador from 1995-2004 with the goal of improving education in Ecuador, increasing public knowledge of fair trade in the United States, and supporting the concept of a sharing wage, providing the artisan with enough money to pay essential expenses and to reinvest in their families and communities.

The company name was changed to Minga Manufacturers in 2002 to reflect Chris’ involvement with the design and production of the clothing and products. Minga Manufacturers worked with local textile producers to distribute Ecuadorian products throughout the coastal towns and cities to help boost the economy and esteem of the people.

The name was changed to Minga Fair Trade Imports in 2004 when the company moved back to the United States. The business began with a humble start, working out of a friend’s basement and has since grown to serve over 500 clients all over the country.

Minga Fair Trade Imports works with retailers in more than 20 states, and many master artisans in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia.

Behind the name:
In the indigenous South American language of Quechua, Minga means “communal work day”. When people form a Minga, they come together and work toward a common goal that benefits those involved. Minga is a word that fits the goals we accomplish every day.


Premium florals, from our fields to you, since 1989.

We take pride in our agricultural lifestyle and love to share with visitors what we do. With agriculture as our livelihood, we have a strong appreciation for the land and commitment to ensure its productivity for future generations. We are committed to keeping our farm sustainable and vital. We are always looking for ways to improve our lands by best practices. Utilizing our natural resources for ultimate returns in yields enables us to produce premium crops year after year.

Our 950 acre family farm is located in the heart of Oregon’s beautiful, bountiful Willamette Valley. We currently have about 55 acres in production for dried, preserved and fresh flowers; the remaining is vegetable, hazelnut trees, wheat and grass seed production.

Our priority for excellence in both production and customer service continues today. Throughout the years, all of our family has worked hard to build on that commitment. With our son, Brian, returning to the farm business with us in 2002 and our daughters, Sarah, Amy and Kate, along with their families, continuing to help seasonally.  And the next generation, which is currently 5 grandsons and a granddaughter, shows strong interest in this family tradition!

It is important to us, to share our rural lifestyle, the farming culture, with those who are interested…to help foster the understanding of the commitment the farm community has to bring the world food to nourish the body and flowers to nourish the soul!

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