Our Promise

We promise to let these principles guide our purchasing decisions: fair trade, organic, local and affordable.

Mata Trader and Synergy dresses . . . a small but fabulous part of what we offer.
Mata Trader and Synergy dresses . . . a small but fabulous part of what we offer.

Fair Trade: Fair trade is about buyers and producers engaging in ethical trade relationships. In our profit-ruled global economy, large corporations are favored over small-scale producers. This makes it difficult for farmers, artisans and skilled laborers to make a living from their trade.

Fair trade focuses on trading with poor and marginalized producer groups to help them develop skills for sustainable livelihoods. Buying fair trade products enables men and women around the world to make a living and to take care of their families in a dignified way.

Green Box Boutique sells jewelry, accessories and art created by women and men living in communities around the world. We also sell organic, local and fair trade wines.

Organic: Organic products are produced in a way that excludes the use of synthetic materials such as pesticides, non-organic fertilizers and other toxic chemicals. Not only does buying organic products lead to a healthier life style for the consumer, it also results in a safer environment for workers and farmers producing these products, while protecting our water supply and wildlife.

Green Box Boutique sells clothing and accessories made of organic cotton and naturally prepared cotton. Our gourmet chocolate, beer and herbal teas are organic as well.

Local: Buying locally means supporting the community, including farmers, artists and businesses. It is also a contribution to sustainability because it reduces fuel usage, pollution and packaging since fewer goods are transported across the county or globe.

As part of our buy local philosophy, we sell wine from local vineyards and personal care products from women-owned businesses in the region. We also offer eco-art and jewelry created and jewelry by designers from the area.

Affordable: We believe everyone should be able to afford to be green. After all, the more people that live green, the more sustainable our world is. Green Box Boutique offers merchandise that considers our clients’ budgets.

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