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We wish you all a sharing, caring Christmas!

Adult and Child Therapy Services Holiday Giving Tree
Adult and Child Therapy Services Holiday Giving Tree

This year we’d like to wish everyone a sharing, caring Christmas and thank you, our customers, and our vendors for partnering with us to build a better world.

As our customers, you care about the people with whom we share our world and care about the environment.  You show your caring in your shopping choices. Every purchase you make at Green Box Boutique is one that shares with others by helping disadvantaged workers all over the world and by saving our beautiful world so future generations can enjoy it as well. We thank you so much for supporting this effort.

And we’d also like to thank our vendors, each of whom cares and shares in such amazing ways. We invite you to read about them in our blog and learn about their contributions, efforts you also support with your purchases at the Green Box Boutique:

And so many more that we haven’t had a chance to write about yet.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful, caring and sharing Christmas.

Wei of Chocolate: A Transformative Experience


Ritual, Meditation & Chocolate

You won’t often hear people talk about “ritual” and “ritual moments” outside of religious organizations and academics. Chances are good you won’t hear much talk about ritual even in those environments.

But Lisa Reinhardt, creator and owner of Wei of Chocolate, speaks of it with ease, welcoming you to the inner circle of knowledge so gently and deliciously.

Actually, ritual is a perfect word for how you’ll want to enjoy Wei of Chocolate. As Lisa says, “Sometimes how you do something can be as important as what you do,” and how you eat this chocolate is surely an important part of its appeal.

Ritual enhances moments in life, it enhances life itself. Ritual takes a mundane activity from everyday life, something we might otherwise do without thought, and turns it into something we notice. A ritual fixes our attention during the time we perform it. We repeat the ritual, and it becomes more powerful if we allow it.

And this is what Lisa recommends for Wei of Chocolate: create a ritual. There is even a chocolate called Daily Ritual. “How you do something can be as important as what you do.”

Plan to eat your chocolate at the same time each day, in the same way. For those who are more accustomed to meditation than ritual: meditate on the chocolate instead of on your breath. Let “layers of flavor unfold as the warmth of your body melts the chocolate – no chewing!” As Lisa says on her home page, “Elevate your chocolate experience.” And that is exactly what ritual does: it elevates experience.

Now here’s the interesting thing about how ritual works. If you create your ritual . . . in this case, your chocolate ritual, and you engage in it, well, religiously . . . the chances are good you will start to view the world differently. It’s a subtle transformation that happens over time. You might not even notice it at first. But one day you’ll look back at that moment when you first performed your ritual and who you were then, and you’ll look at yourself performing your ritual for the 1000th time, and you’ll realize that you see the world differently.

Maybe it’s the ritual that changes you, the quiet, focused moment repeated each day. Maybe it’s “that symbol on top of your piece of chocolate – the symbol for Ahh. You can train yourself, daily, to taste the deliciousness of the present moment.” Lisa says, “there’s a reason that’s the sound of enlightenment.” Change the way you are in that moment, and you will begin to change in all your moments. Maybe, just maybe, it’s something magical about the chocolate itself.

Chances are, it’s all of it, together. Be part of the experience. Share what Lisa knows. Get yourself some Wei of Chocolate, in a variety of delicious flavors, and create a ritual moment in your life. Discover the moment, enhance the moment as you savor your chocolate. It will make all your moments more meaningful.

About Lisa Reinhardt, creator and owner

In an interview with Phoenix New Times about her Tempe, Arizona-based business, Wei of Chocolate, Lisa talked about what she learned during 11 years in Tibet. She says she learned “that everything should be done for the benefit of others. That was the barometer, the view of the world. That belief infiltrated everything for me. Returning here, the biggest adjustment was recognizing that is not the way everyone operates.”

Lisa also saw that people here are always busy, in a hurry, impatient. She wanted to bring what she learned in Tibet to people in the United States. She thought perhaps she could show the transformative value of meditation and ritual through an experience — the experience of chocolate.

She found Fair Trade sources for her chocolate, kept the sugar content minimal and made the chocolates vegan since dairy blocks the anti-oxidant activity of the chocolate. She uses herbal and floral essences in the chocolates for their homeopathic properties rather than for taste.

Lisa’s business grew through her participation in local farmers markets and cooperatives. Wei of Chocolate is available at the Green Box Boutique:

  • Perfect for the health conscious
  • Satisfying for the discerning & eco-aware
  • Great for those with allergies to dairy, soy and gluten
  • Guilt-free! Only 2 grams of carbs, 30 calories per piece
  • Did we mention it’s delicious?

You know you want some!