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April at Green Box Boutique

What We Do

Green Box Boutique is the store with unique and earth-friendly gifts for friends, for family or for yourself!

We feature eco-sustainable and fair trade products from both local sources and communities around the world. The inspirational and cheerful blend of style, purpose, and a fondness for gourmet goodies and beverages makes Green Box Boutique the perfect place to find thoughtful gifts, especially those that naturally make a difference.

Green Box Boutique prides itself in providing innovative, earth-friendly merchandise. In addition, we make sure that the work force involved in producing the merchandise is fairly compensated and well treated.

In selecting our vendors, we hold true to our standards, choosing only those who are also committed to fair trade, local, organic and affordable products.

Why We Do What We Do

Each of us can make a difference by purchasing goods that make a difference. We want to make that easier for you!

We know you want to work with us to make the world a better place. We’ll do the research, find the products and then tell you where your products come from, who makes them, and from whom you can buy.

How It All Started

For Connie Citarelli, the owner of the Green Box Boutique and a Woodstock resident, being “green” isn’t a trend — it’s a long-term lifestyle. Connie and her family became interested in protecting the environment in the 1970s. Starting simply with an organic herbal garden, Connie soon became an advocate for toxin-free clothing for children, steadily growing green living into an everyday way of life.

When Connie decided to take a new professional path a few years ago, beginning a green business was a natural step. In November 2009,  she opened the doors to the Green Box Boutique in historic downtown Woodstock, Illinois.

Green Box Boutique gives Connie the opportunity to share her passion and knowledge for eco-friendly living while helping families live healthier lives.

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